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Tattoo Healing Period Guide

(Take a screenshot to have the instructions handy)

Days 1-2: Your tattoo will be under a protective film and may bleed slightly with plasma (a body fluid). This is normal.

Days 3-6: The tattoo under the protective film will start to become dry and itchy, which are signs of healing.

Day 7: Remove the tattoo film under running water using a mild soap (e.g., Dove or Johnson’s Baby soap).

Day 8: Keep the tattoo dry and avoid using moisturizers.

Days 9-15: Apply coconut oil twice daily to the tattoo.

Avoid Picking: The tattooed skin may peel. Do not pick at it.

Temporary Whitish Look: The tattoo may appear lighter due to the formation of new skin. It will darken as it continues to heal.

After 21 Days: If the tattoo still appears light, consider getting a touch-up (100Rs – 200Rs).

Hydration Tip: Drink plenty of water during the tattoo healing period. A hydrated body helps the tattoo heal faster.

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