About 1960

Tattoos1960 is a top rated professional tattoo studio established initially in Pune, India. One of the best tattoo studios in India with highly professional and skilled tattoo artists & other artists, passionately waiting to work on your next project.


Name “Tattoos1960” is inspired by a history of tattoo art and its evolution. Particularly year “1960”, 1960 is supposed to be the most important year in the tattoo art evolution. Tattooing has steadily increased in popularity since the invention of the electric tattoo machine, it was not until the 1960s that the place of tattooing in a popular culture radically shifted. The Tattoo Renaissance began in the late 1950s, and was greatly influenced by several artists, in particular, Lyle Tuttle, Cliff f Raven, Don Nolan, Zeke Owens, Spider Webb, and Don Ed Hardy. The second generation of artists, trained by the first, continued these traditions into the 1970s and included artists such as Bob Roberts, Jamie Summers, and Jack Rudy. This Part Of tattoo history and story of an electric tattoo machine impressed us so much that we named ourselves as “Tattoos1960”. Until today Tattoos1960 is being loved like a family, we are not just a tattoo studio, we are home to imagination, creativity, and celebration.

Today, Tattoos1960 is a globally followed tattoo & piercing studio on various platforms. we are a team of 16+ creative heads with more than 8+ years of experience in tattoo art. Tattoos1960 is presently established in all the prime locations in many cities of India. Presently we are serving at Tattoos1960 Magarpatta | Tattoos1960 Koregaon Park | Tattoos1960 Baner | Tattoos1960 Airoli. Tattoos1960 is also performing as a freelance business in all cities in India. We are known for our brilliant artwork and perfection in tattoos, but we are willing to achieve an unbelievable level of perfection.

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