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Welcome to the Tattoo Meaning Finder at Tattoos1960! Our tool is designed to help you explore the meanings behind various tattoo designs and discover ideas based on the emotions and messages you want to express through your tattoos.

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Ready to find the perfect tattoo? Start your journey with our Tattoo Meaning Finder. Explore meanings, get inspired, and consult with our expert artists to create a tattoo that is uniquely yours.

Steps to Use the Tattoo Meaning Finder Tool

  1. Enter Your Tattoo Design: Type in the name or description of the tattoo concept  you are interested in.

  2. Search for the Meaning: Click the “Search” button.

  3. Review the Results: Browse through the meanings and descriptions provided for your tattoo design concept.

  4. Refine Your Search if Needed: Adjust your search terms or add more details to find more specific results.

How The Tool Works?

  • Explore Meanings:
    Enter your ideas or keywords related to the emotions or messages you want to express. The Tattoo Meaning Finder will provide you with meaningful designs and their significance.
  • Get Suggestions:
    Browse through the suggestions to find designs that resonate with you. Learn about the historical, cultural, and emotional meanings behind each design.

  • Inspiration for Placement:
    Discover the best placements for your chosen designs, considering both aesthetics and the significance of different body areas.

  • Consult with Experts:
    Once you have a few ideas, consult with our experienced tattoo artists. They will help you refine your design choices and ensure that your tattoo reflects your vision.

Why Use Tattoo Meaning Finder?​

Personalized Guidance: Use the Tattoo Meaning Finder to uncover the meanings and significance behind different symbols and designs that resonate with your personal story and individuality.

Informed Decisions: Make informed choices with comprehensive insights into the cultural and emotional significance of various tattoo designs.

Creative Inspiration: Get inspired by exploring a wide range of tattoo styles and ideas that align with the emotions you wish to convey through your body art.

Expert Consultation: After using the Tattoo Meaning Finder, consult with our skilled tattoo artists to finalize your design and ensure it perfectly suits your style and desired placement.

Popular Tattoo Meanings

Animal Tattoos: Animals are a popular tattoo choice, each with its own unique symbolism. For example, a lion represents strength and courage, while a butterfly signifies transformation and beauty. Other popular animal tattoos include wolves (loyalty and guardianship), eagles (freedom and high aspirations), and koi fish (perseverance and overcoming adversity).

Symbolic Tattoos: Symbols like the infinity sign, anchors, and hearts are timeless and carry deep personal meanings. The infinity symbol represents eternity and endless love, while an anchor signifies stability and strength. Other significant symbols include the lotus flower (spiritual awakening and purity), mandalas (wholeness and balance), and dreamcatchers (protection and safety).

Cultural Tattoos: Explore tattoos with cultural significance, such as Maori designs, Celtic knots, or Japanese Kanji. These tattoos not only look striking but also connect you to a rich cultural heritage. Celtic tattoos often feature intricate knot work symbolizing eternity and interconnectedness, while Japanese Kanji characters can represent virtues like love, strength, or peace.

Quote Tattoos: Words can be powerful. Choose a quote that inspires you, a lyric that moves you, or a mantra that keeps you grounded. Popular quote tattoos include inspirational phrases, poetry lines, or even song lyrics. These tattoos can serve as daily reminders of personal mottos or life philosophies.

Floral Tattoos: Floral designs are another popular choice, with each flower carrying its own symbolism. Roses often represent love and beauty, while cherry blossoms signify the transient nature of life. Other popular floral tattoos include lilies (purity and renewal), sunflowers (happiness and positivity), and orchids (luxury and strength).

Geometric Tattoos: Geometric tattoos use shapes and patterns to create intricate designs that can be both aesthetically pleasing and deeply symbolic. Common geometric tattoos include sacred geometry (representing the universe and life’s interconnectedness), polygons, and fractals, which often symbolize complexity and the infinite nature of existence.

Mythological Tattoos: Tattoos inspired by mythology often carry rich stories and deep meanings. Designs featuring gods and goddesses, mythical creatures like dragons and phoenixes, or symbols from ancient mythologies can represent various attributes such as power, rebirth, wisdom, and protection.

Astrological Tattoos: Astrological signs and celestial bodies are popular tattoo choices for those interested in the cosmos and horoscopes. Zodiac symbols can represent personal traits and life paths, while moon phases, stars, and planets can symbolize growth, guidance, and cosmic connection.

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