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Is it Your First Tattoo? Here are 6 Essential First-Time Tattoo Tips!

It’s your first-ever tattoo, and you are super excited about it. Of course, you should be. After all, you are about to create a style statement! The excitement is understood. But, as the best tattoo studio in Pune, we’d urge you to remember these six things before you let the needle touch you. In other words, here are six first-time tattoo tips.

6 First-Time Tattoo Care Tips from the Tattoo Studio in Koregaon Park, Pune

1. Select the Right Tattoo Artist

The first step is to select the right tattoo shop in Pune. Do not get carried away by an artist’s glitter and make abrupt choices. Go for people who are serious about their business. Besides, review the artist’s portfolio, past customer feedback, qualifications, hygiene standards and the diversity of designs. Don’t let price necessarily drive your choice. Some may lure you with the lowest prices. Reason and go for the best!

2. Choose a Design and the Body Part

Looking at numerous designs could overwhelm and confuse you. One way to sort the confusion is to shortlist the kind of design you want. For instance, the design could be religious, political, mythological, a subtle message, your idol’s image, etc. Avoid offensive messages or something that could land you in trouble.

Once you know the type of tattoo design, you can then decide on the body part. You can talk about it with the tattoo shop in Pune you choose. Aspects like the design’s size, the kind of design, tattoo’s suitability on a body part, etc., are usually factored in.

3. Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions! As a first-timer, it is evident that you have questions. Please don’t be reluctant while asking questions thinking that they might annoy the artist. Answering your questions about tattoos is part of the artist’s job. So, get all your doubts clarified. This also could be one of the factors in choosing the best tattoo studio in Pune. Experienced tattoo artists are patient and committed to clarifying clients’ doubts.

4. Stay Hydrated and Full

This applies to not only your first tattoo but the 10th as well. Creating a professional tattoo takes time and is an exhaustive process requiring you to sit in a particular position for hours. Given the requirement, you must come to the tattoo shop in Pune fully hydrated and with a full stomach and some water to sip while in the studio.

Avoid drinking or getting impaired before or while creating the tattoo. Your artist may refuse to draw the tattoo if you are drunk or not in a position to make the tattoo.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Again, as tattoo creation requires you to sit in a position for hours, ensure you wear comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing too tight or skinny outfits. If you are about to create a gigantic tattoo, wear something that doesn’t make you restless and causes discomfort to you and your tattoo artist because of your constant movements.

6. Ensure Proper Aftercare

The tattoo artist you choose should ideally provide you with aftercare tips. The first tattoo may cause some discomfort initially. It might require you to be extra careful. But that’s a necessity, and you cannot do much about it. The key to it is proper aftercare.

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