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What is Dermal Piercing?

For the bold and beautiful look, most of the girls go for the piercing. You must be surprised after seeing the pierced areas like chest, arms, necks, hips, eyebrows or any other impossible body area.
The gemstone further adorns the pierced area. Besides the girls, more and more boys are also opting for dermal piercing.
Let’s take a read what it is and how it delivers to give a bold look.

A single point piercing is termed as the dermal piercing; it is because there is no exit or any entry point like the traditional (normal) piercings have. It is considered as the body beauty exposure, which gives a unique and modern look.

Further, this piercing is clubbed with tattoo art for the most versatile look, and it enables the wearer for the innovative way of styling.

What are the suitable areas for it?

Though dermal piercing can be placed anywhere in the flat area of the skin, there are some of the popular areas such as forearm, fingers, chest, abdomen, nape of the neck, thighs, and lower back. Certain areas of the body are restricted for it because the piercing needs muscles to hold the dermal anchor (implant).

A professional piercer will always guide before piercing whether the specific area is perfect a dermal piercing or not?

What are the different types of jewelry to be used?

A dermal piercing is done using a dermal punch.

Which type of jewelry can be used depends on the way the piercing is done. The options are:


● Dermal Anchor:
There are variants of the anchor in order to the preference of fitness of the stud such as a single hole implant, two and three holes as well. More the holes more solid is the hold of the stud in the skin.

● Dermal head:
A variety of top designs are available and listed with the traditional anchor base. A wide variety ranging from cones, balls disc and other shapes like dolphin are available.

How to choose the best piercing shop?

Before going, always search for the “piercing shop near me” on Google and check whether the piercer has the experience to pierce in the sensitive area. To start with the healthy piercing choosing the right and expert one is essential.

Next, it is essential to choose the right shape and size so that the jewellery adorns the look. There are various factors to consider while searching for the best one.
Since the body areas are sensitive look for the shop which is well sanitized, hygiene and clean so that there must not be any infection.

Many people have allergies from metal, so make sure that you use the right type of jewellery which don’t have any allergic reaction.

The sterilizing machine and instruments must be sealed. The needle must be disposed of after use and adequately handled.

What are the aftercare tips?

When you visit the shop after searching online “piercing shop near me” spend some time with the artist who will explain the procedure and guide how to maintain and take care after dermal piercing. You can also make a written note and instructions for the piercing concern.

If you have any doubt to avoid the potential risk, you can also take the guidance for a sea salt bath, which helps to heal and prevent from the bumps, and other complications.

Avoid touching the pierced area and keep your hand sanitized, don’t try to unscrew the jewellery before the piercing is healed.

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