The Reason Why Everyone Loves Tribal Tattoos

Tattoos are not only a part of fashion but are also a culture. You might have seen the tribal tattoos which are highly demanded. Here are a few facts and reasons explained by the tattoo artists who states why everyone so much loves tribal tattoos?

What are tribal tattoos? 

In the fashionable world of tattoos, peoples love tribal art. These are single colour – only black tattoo which is simple and have an attractive design. These are expensive design in comparison to other small and realistic tattoos which have a detailed and in-depth plan. These are a part of cultural appropriation where every symbol is directly or indirectly related to the spiritual or traditional manner.

What makes an increase in demand for tribal tattoos? 

As per the Artists of the best tattoo studio in Pune, the Tribal tattoos are the most popular design and because its traditional practice in tribes continent it has become the art and fashion statement in India. It is now related to the social symbols, status, achievements and spirituality, which made an increase in demand.

Here are a few more reasons mentioned-below: 

1- Add document to your life:

You must have heard or seen the popular Hollywood TV show “Prison Break” where a boy has tribal tattoo art on all over his body. It is in actual a secret way to escape from the Prison and win a mission. Similarly, it can be said that the tattoos add a document to live; it is a way to execute the style. With a fusion of different types, images, it has a deep personal meaning. 

2- An art which is culture: 

Tattoos are nothing new and are an ancient practice. Even among Indians, there are various regions where tattoos have a major belief and are considered as mandatory art. It is a ritual and traditional aesthetic. 

3- Expresses individuality:

Expressing individuality is the most significant appeal for many people’s, which make them have a different feel. It is an expression of boldness and blends the style and lifestyle of the person through tattoo art. 

4- Expresses an attitude to rebel: 

Different tattoos of different styles, pattern and art, expresses the thought and personality. For say when you step in the gym, you may see the tattoo on the body of boy/men, they may be fitness or sports lover similarly there are different creative and unusual tattoos which reflects the personality. 


Getting inked is all about personal choice if it is not into your culture. Even if it is your tradition, sometimes it is a personal choice to be tattooed or not as it’s about getting a tattoo for the lifetime. 

Whether you find someone with a small tattoo or you find someone with massive art, there are several and different reasons for getting inked as defined above. Whether it’s a coloured tattoo or a black tattoo, the fact is it has no end and no fade. Always look for the best tattoo artists in your city who can design as per your body shape, and you will love the rhythm and muscle structure. 

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