Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing: Types, Process, Healing, Cleaning

Nose piercing has become a trend these days, especially among millennials, who consider it a fashion and love to flaunt a pierced nose. However, nose piercing isn’t a new phenomenon. Originated in the Middle East, it has been around for thousands of years. Back then, it signified rebellion, freedom of choice, and boldness. Today, it is cool to pierce the nose!

Nevertheless, nose piercing has a few essential aspects associated with it. For instance, many people ask how long it takes to heal a nose piercing, how to take proper aftercare, etc. Tattoos1960, one of the best nose piercing centers, answers these questions, enlists the types of nose piercing and talks about a few potential risks of a nose piercing.

Types of Nose Piercings

The type of nose piercing depends on the part of the nose pierced. Accordingly, some of the common types of nose piercings include,

·        Nostril piercing

·        Bridge or surface piercing

·        Septum piercing

·        High nostril piercing

·        Vertical tip piercing

·        Septril piercing

·        Nasallang piercing

Risks Involved in Nose Piercing

As we all know, the nose is positioned between the eyebrows, eyes, and upper lip. The veins in this area are connected to the sinus cavity. Hence, any procedure on this particular part of the face can lead to risks in the form of infections. Although the side effects of nose piercing vary from person to person, some potential ones include,

·        Bleeding

·        Infection resulting from poorly sterilized piercing equipment

·        Allergic reaction

·        Scarring

·        Nerve damage

One cannot completely eliminate the risks involved in piercing. However, getting it done from the best nose piercing artists can help reduce risks to a significant extent.

Nose Piercing Healing Time

The healing time of nose piercing varies with the type of piercing you undergo. Let’s look at the piercing time of a few types of nose piercing. Although yes, you must note that the healing time may differ from person to person as well.

·        Septum piercing: two to three months

·        Nostril piercing: four to six months

·        Bridge piercing: two to three months

·        Nasallang piercing: four to six months

·        Rhino piercing: six to nine months

Nose Piercing Aftercare Tips

Expert nose piercers provide appropriate aftercare instructions. Ensure you get them from yours as well to keep your piercing clean and healthy during the healing process. Some important nose piercing aftercare tips are as follows.

·        Don’t touch your pierced nose until you’ve washed your hands thoroughly with soap and water

·        Wash your piercing twice a day with warm water and a saline solution

·        Gently dab it dry with a clean and hygienic towel

·        Make use of gentle, unscented soap on the piercing

·        Ensure you completely rinse the soap while washing

We hope this article provided some useful insights on nose piercing. To know more and for the best nose piercing, connect with Tattoos1960! Tattoos1960 is a team of expert nose piercing and tattoo artists with several years of experience and positive customer feedback. It follows the best nose piercing practices, uses sterilized and safe equipment, and provides aftercare tips to ensure the best customer care.